The advisors at Tollboden deliver a broad range of services within strategy, finance, lean, optimization, auditing, accounting and tax planning. We have an excellent competence within sales, marketing and brand building. We also develop business plans and studies for projects of various sizes.

Legal counselling

The attorneys at Tollboden are corporate lawyers with particular competence within contracts, restructuring and insolvency, transactions as regards mergers and take-overs, entreprise law, corporate law and property / real estate law. The interests of the clients are taken care in the best possible way through close follow-up, a high level of involvement and professional skills.

Ownership changes

The transaction team at at Tollboden works with ownership change processes and assistance in buying and selling companies. Many of these assignments are done in conjunction with generational hand-overs, while others may want to sell to competitors or strategic buyers.

To ensure that the seller optimizes the pay-out for their businesses, we aim to be engaged at the earliest phase possible, so that we may contribute to the value-enhancing process of the company due to be sold. An ownership-change normally takes 6 to 18 months. Where an ownership change also involves transferring property and real estate, we also offer the corresponding services.

Post-merger integration

Every year, hundreds of Norwegian companies are bought or merged with other corporations. Even so, studies show that approx. 40% of such transactions do not create added value for the shareholders. The synergy effects envisioned are simply not realized. The Tollboden advisors have the competence and experience in succeeding with post-merger integration processes.

A resource for corporate boards

The advisors at Tollboden have the necessary competence, experience and credibility to assist corporate boards at both small and larger companies. This role may include all from being a discussion partner, a contributor to business development, to looking after the owners’ interests on a general level.


The advisors at Tollboden may offer secretariat functions, not least for specific projects. The projects need to be shaped and equipped with the right competence at the right places. Tollboden may be a trustworthy partner contributing to the project getting the right dynamics and progress.

Rescue Team

We can establish a team consisting of the senior advisors at Tollboden, coming to the rescue to companies in deadlocked situations or to avert a crisis. We perform these types of projects on behalf of owners, corporate boards, banks, creditors or others who may have an interest in seeing the future of the company be secured.